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Build a Stronger Chiropractic Profession

Build a Stronger Chiropractic Profession

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Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd with Five Star Management.

I spent the weekend with Illinois Prairie Stat Chiropractic Association. We talked about a lot of great things.

As I was driving back to the Chicago area, in order to catch my flight the next morning, I thought of things that were absolutely wonderful and at the same time absolutely heartbreaking and I’m going to share that with you in the next segment.

So, let me tell you about the heartwarming, wonderful things that I saw. I met so many nice chiropractors with tremendous practices that are literally at capacity, many of them with waiting list practices, but no associates.

They needed the help. They would love to have an associate who would come in and work with them, but they didn’t know how to bring the associate in.

I also met a young couple, fresh out of school and newly engaged. They have friends who are graduating from school right now or who have graduated in the last year, who frankly, honestly don’t know what to do and aren’t in that great of an associateship.

I thought, here’s the heartbreaking part, the heartbreaking part is the great practices and the young doctors graduating from college not getting together in a Win-Win environment.

Now, I teach Win-Win associate development. You can find, you can hire, you can develop, and you can launch a tremendous associate. Mentoring them, discipling them, apprenticing them in your practice so that everybody wins.

If you’re a chiropractic student or a fresh graduate or you’re in an associateship that isn’t working that well for you, you can find somebody who has gone through my Win-Win training who will really look out for your success.

It doesn’t mean that they will do the work for you, but they will give you the training that you need in order for you to help as many people as you want, have as much fun as you possibly can, and be ultra, super, wonderfully successful so that someday you can hire a young person out of school and mentor and develop them.

And then, one by one, two by two, four by four, we’ll go out and help the profession in wonderful and profound ways by helping as many people as your heart desires, doing procedures that you really love, and being very, very successful.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

If you’d like special training on how to do that and if you’re a student or recent graduate and you’d like some information on some of the people who have gone through my training and are offering great associates, contact us here or register for one of my seminars or get in touch with us and we’ll help you guys get together in a Win-Win environment.

It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that helps.

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