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Break Records While On Vacation

Break Records While On Vacation


Would you like to be able to break Clinic records while you’re on vacation now?
I know that some of you think that that’s impossible but it’s not and in this next segment, I’m going to explain how to do it.

Now, I know when I said ‘Breaking records when you’re not in the clinic’, some of you said ’That’s impossible’, but that’s not only not impossible, but we do that all the time and we train on that, so you have to have a certain sequence of things in place.

And in this very next segment, I’ll take you all the way through the sequence.
Number one: Your practice needs to be a system driven practice instead of a personality driven practice. If it’s a personality-driven practice, then when the personality goes to Hawaii for two weeks, then what the practice runs on is not there and the practice will typically crash even if you have a really good vacation doctor who comes in, you’re going to do a fraction of what you would do, the personality, when you’re in the practice. So be a systems driven practice. When you leave if it’s systems driven, the system’s stay intact.

Number two: Hire an associate and train them up in the win win model. So I’ve got systems. I’ve hired an associate and I’ve trained him or her in the win-win model using the systems and so when I leave my well-trained associate in this system driven practice has an opportunity to replicate, even exceed the best numbers that I’ve ever done in my practice.

Number three: When you head out of the office, set up a specific project one that you might even be planning for, for 60 days ahead of your one or two week vacation. Set specific goals, have a specific process that you go through where you plan and you train and you’ve got a project manager. Maybe your super CA or possibly your associate and pick a record and then get really really good at breaking records
Number four: When you get back and your team has broken the record, celebrate. Recognize the achievement have the team look forward to the next time you leave because they got that cool thing as a result of working hard and putting the project together and breaking the record.
And then number five: Just keep up the process.

So, systems first, associate second, train for or planned for your specific project. Number three celebrate number four, when you get back and then number five repeat.

So, you can be gone from practice, like my wonderful client and friend, Dr. Erin Bloom for five and a half months with a maternity leave or she also spent time with her toddler, Olivia and then came back to record year in practice. You can do that.

I mean, I’ve got more examples that I name for you, but you can set new patient records for add a new patients for a week regular visits for a week.

‘Oh, no one could break that record in my office.’ You know, what? That’s an expensive attitude. I would rather be the chiropractor that knows how to systematize, hire, plan, celebrate and repeat the record-breaking performance of my team in my absence.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star management, and I know this stuff works.

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