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Before and After

Before and After

The Road Home

As I was on my way to Five Star’s retention seminar in Chicago – just as I boarded my flight and settled into my seat – I was thinking about the opening hour I’d use to kickoff the weekend. I got excited knowing what the material will mean to my clients.

I’ve been working on patient retention all my 40+ years in practice, training associates and in Five Star for decades. I’ve been polishing. It excite me that people who use my systems have great practices and great patient retention.

Walking to the front of the room to start the seminar is just like taking a new patient back for their first adjustment, knowing that chiropractic will change their life. Add to that the fact that I get to spend the weekend with friends from all over the world and what’s not to love?

We started on Saturday morning at 8:30 a.m. sharp and in what feels like an instant it’s 12:00 Noon on Sunday and it’s all over. In that moment as the applause dies and people are gathering their things, I review the last day and a half – the content, the response of the group. I ask a new client if we did a good job and he gives me thumbs up, then a hardy handshake.

We gather the seminar reviews to read on the plane, pack up everything and head to the airport. On the flight home both George and I are tired, but are happy with client comments. We make adjustments and corrections to do a better job next time. Tired now, I doze, then watch a movie and before I know it, we’re in Seattle.

This photo is of George and me doing the grunt work of loading seminar gear going into the back of my SUV. The smiles are real and tell a story behind the seminar. We love bringing Five Star to you. Here’s to helping more people, having more fun and being more successful.

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