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Be More Than A Name On A List

Be More Than A Name On A List

yellow pagesDo you remember the Yellow Pages? At one time, that was THE place to make your business stand out.

Chiropractors did everything from buying full page color ads to renaming their clinic AAAA-Chiropractic in order to get a first page listing.

Even then, it was no guarantee that you’d get the lion’s share of new patients. You still needed to be more than a name on a list.

The content of the ad became the most important thing after the placement of your listing. You had to mention every condition you treated, every insurance plan, and still provide a compelling reason for someone to choose your office over everyone else on the page. It was expensive and space was limited — and your only hope in gaining a first page listing was to pay or wait for someone else to give up.

When the internet first got going, there was a time that just being on the first page of Google was enough to generate a steady flow of new patients into your office. Just showing up was enough to get someone to choose your office at least occasionally. The internet searcher is now much more savvy, however. They want more information and they want to make the best decision possible when it comes to choosing a health care provider.

Potential new patients can do mini-background checks on you and your office, simply by typing your name + the word “reviews” into Google and checking the results. They can find your personal Facebook profile and Twitter feed with a few taps on their keyboard. They want information and they are no longer satisfied with just picking a name off the first page of the search results.

The placement of your website on the first page of Google is now only step 1 in the process. Now patients want to read online reviews, check out your clinic’s Facebook page and then do searches on your name to see what shows up. Have you ever Googled yourself to see what shows up? Does what you find help or hurt your chance of getting a new patient?

In many ways you can choose what information is online about you. You can set up your website, create videos, and encourage online reviews. You can create the compelling case why someone should consider your office over every other name on the list. Your website needs to contain solid information and be easy to navigate, but you have to have more information out on the web that will help someone make an informed decision to choose you.

Getting on the list is just the beginning. Help new patients find you, and then provide the information they would need to choose you.

Philip CordovaDr. Philip Cordova works with chiropractors to increase their online presence and generate new patients from the internet. More information can be found on his website at

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