Applications Close April 4, 2022


Starts April 12, 2022 

We take the hard work and the guess work out of your Associate Training by providing a Total Training Solution for your new Associates using the proven Win -Win Associate Training System - so you get an Associate who is empowered, PROFITABLE and able to generate their own new patients, right from the start.

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Places are limited & going fast
8-week training program:
Non-Five Star Clients: $3495
Five Star Clients: $2495
(You save $1000)

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Dr. George Birnbach as your Associate's Coach, including 2 - 5 challenging and enriching assignments each week.

Your Associate gets 8 weekly webinars featuring training in marketing, Day 1 & 2 procedures, new patient acquisition and retention, productivity and more!

Your Associate will receive a massive dose of confidence and empowerment as they learn the skills they need to hit the road running in your practice. The program will also empower Clinic Directors, who can get back to Clinic Management knowing that their Associates are getting the best training available.

Dr. George Birnbach

I'll train your associate to do the following:

1. To get their own new patients

2. To do their own powerful report of findings

3. How to handle objections

4. We cover everything associates need to build successfully

5. We keep the groups small and I teach it LIVE!


Increased My Regular Patients by 30 Patients a Week...

“Here's What The Associates Say." I have included a document with the new testimonies we would like on the page you create.

- Dr. Jason Raesz

I did two events in a day, and I produced 21 new patients in one day!

“They would be a fool to turn it down. I will tell you that for about a week afterwards, I felt a little bit of relief of not having the pressure of having the homework due but about a week later, I missed it, because you know, we all struggle at certain times to be accountable and to be motivated when things get hard, and it was really helpful.

I feel like it catapulted how quickly I could grow my practice, and I'm very grateful for it."  

-Dr. Jennifer Simons

I saw 103 Patients in 3 ½ days!

“It was incredibly gratifying and rewarding to be able to help so many more people, and it was a phenomenal learning experience, too.

I learned how to be more efficient with my time and my care with patients, too, to make sure they were being heard and being treated properly, of course, but still being efficient with our time and theirs.

So it was a phenomenal learning experience, it was amazing.”

-Dr. Paige Griggs

This is EXACTLY What I Wanted to Do in My Career

“I am excited every day to go to my job because I love the power hours where I'm adjusting patient after patient, seeing the excitement on their face, seeing them feel better every day.

It's exactly why I got into chiropractic and it's fun and every day is not exactly the same and that's why I love it 'cause there's new patients I do meet, but I do have my existing patients that I keep well. "

-Dr. Rachel Young


  • Dr. George Birnbach as your Associate's coach through 2-5 challenging, exciting and productive assignments each week
  • 8 LIVE interactive webinars including strict accountability with deadlines and sign-offs
  • Motivational training to keep your Associate focused
  • Marketing training with event assignments that produce new patients for your clinic
  • Day one and two procedures to establish care plans and strong patient relationships
  • Patient retention training
  • How to get patient testimonials
  • How to structure patient care power hours for maximum efficiency
  • Training in how to be a productive profitable team member at your clinic

By Application Only

Places are limited & going fast 8-week training program:

Non-Five Star Clients: $3495

Five Star Clients: $2495
(You save $1000)

** By Application Only
** Applications Close April 4, 2022
NOTE: The Associate Empowerment Project (AEP) is open to all DOCTORS of Chiropractic who have Associates. However, not all applicants will be accepted. The AEP works because we only accept Associates looking forward to stringent training, who will do the hard work needed to achieve extraordinary success! (i.e. We DON'T take SLACKERS!).

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