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Ask yourself this question… you better sit down first…

Ask yourself this question… you better sit down first…


Hey everybody, my name is Dr. George Birnbach and I wanna ask you a question and this is a hard question to hear some days but if you give it a little thought, boy oh boy, it’ll help you make a difference in the practice and in the work that you do. If you stopped showing up, would you be missed? Not just with the people who employ you but with the people you serve with the people you co-work with. If you weren’t there, would there be a hole in the project chain because you’re the go-to person. You know, for an idea or for the energy, or for the actual labor and the work that needs to be done. It takes a while when we bring someone new in for to get to know them and what their skills are and what they can do, but after a while, after you’ve been there a bit, you know the strategies and the systems and you’re developing your skills or applying your skills, if you missed a meeting, are you missed? Think about that.

Because many times we equate busy-ness with actual impact but it’s just not true. I talked to associate doctors and I just say, “Hey, if you weren’t there for an office meeting, do people go, “Man we have to run this by you because you provide that input.” If you didn’t show up to that meeting how many people would ask, “Hey, where are you?” If you weren’t at the clinic how many people would say, “Hey, where are you?” If we’re doing a marketing meeting and our COA can’t make it that day, do we say, “You know what, we have to get their input on this before we can move this forward and get a decision.” So that’s what I wanna to ask you.

Have you ever looked at your own performance and asked that question? And now how do we fix that if the answer is no? Maybe I wouldn’t be missed, maybe I don’t have a vital voice in the formation of these decisions. How do we fix that? Well, number one, we answer this question. How am I changing people? How am I helping other people perform better? How am I helping a patient get better results? How am I helping an associate doctor have a better career? How am I helping anyone in my industry to do their job, just a little bit better, a little bit faster, move a little bit further towards their goals? In other words, am I changing the people around me, because that makes you valuable. Are you changing the people around you? Do you transform others? You know, transformation is like the big brother of change, and it’s kind of the change that you can see, you can feel, it’s not something small. When you’re transforming the environment with just the way you show up in your energy, you leave a vacuum if you don’t show up that day, people can feel it.

It’s the kind of service that people and patients remember for a lifetime, the impact of transformation. You see, everyone can help someone make a change. Everyone can get out of the way but if you’re there as a transformative elements a little more attention that’s needed, a little more action that’s needed, a little quicker results than was expected, you can transform the people around you. Are you helping other people find respect, because of you they’re doing better work. And I tell people, you know, who are starting as chiropractic associates this all the time. Help the office perform better, help it be a friendlier place, a more energetic place, help patients feel better connected to their programs. That’s the transformation that you can provide, and when your staff is seen doing a little bit quicker a little bit more productive work, when they feel great about what they’re doing then other people are going to give them respect they’re going to feel that pride and they’re going to bring that back to you.

You helped me do it. Whether they voice it or not, they’ll know it because that’s how transformation works. You can be the best in the world at the stack of skills that you have right now because they make you unique, right? And if something’s not working, that’s okay, you slow it down. You say, “This is what I’ve been doing up until today, these are the pivots I need to make today in order to take one a better step towards where I wanna go.” So if we get back to the original question, “If I didn’t show up, would I be missed?” It really comes down to are you helping connect people to a shared vision, a shared cause, a shared goal or a shared purpose?

Right, that’s a whole lot of words, but they’re all the same thing. Are we connecting people to that transformative event where they go, “I am so happy about what we’ve done,” because that accomplishment that satisfaction of getting something done or making it through that transformation, that is an indelible memory that will last with them for a long, long time. All right. So, ask that question, “If you didn’t show up, who would miss you?” Would you be missed and let’s get to work on changing that for the better. All right. My name is Dr. George Birnbach. I’ll talk to you all real soon. Bye-bye.

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