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Are You In a Rut or Groove?

Are You In a Rut or Groove?

Man Sitting In ValleyIn pioneer days, wagon wheels made ruts in the soft muddy trails. The sun baked that mud, forming a track or rut for those who followed – even if they didn’t want to go that direction. Ruts are easy to get in and hard to get out.

Today, a string of bad thoughts and decisions can form a mental or emotional rut to get stuck in and take even more effort to break out of. So ruts are bad and keep us from success. Hate the rut.

But what about grooves? In today’s speech, grooves are good “…in the groove!” Or “…got my groove back!” Both connote a successful flow of ideas and actions producing effortless success.  Love the groove.

SO, how do you get out of the rut and into a groove? Good question. Here’s my seven tips for turning your rut into a groove.

1. Admit to yourself and someone else that you’re in a rut and quit “selling” the rut to yourself.

2. Believe that the groove – sometimes just NEXT to the rut – is a ton of fun and worth the effort to change.

3. DO the easiest thing you CAN/SHOULD, even if you don’t think it will help. Think first, best and easiest. We want to get unstuck so make sure it’s easy to do. ALMOST any action is good.

4. Pick up the phone and call a successful friend or a coach. You need another set of eyes who is excited about the groove. I can’t tell you how many people have breathed a sigh of relief as they hopped into the groove, just because they “made the call.”

5. Congregate with a group headed in the right direction, even if you don’t feel like it. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard “Great seminar. I’m so excited. I was going to stay home, but SO GLAD I’M HERE!”

6. Grab 3-5 easy to implement action steps at the seminar you attended in step #5 and do them as quickly as you can. The time between idea and implementation is so important.

7. This one’s going to sound crazy, but rearrange the posters and art in the office and if you want to really start something, paint a wall in reception an accent color. The activity and energy that always comes with these steps will surprise you and give you enough energy to try something else.

DON’T pick things that are too hard or require too many steps or waiting for someone else’s approval.

Pretty soon you’ll be thinking “Hey, that was fun and I like the energy. Don’t look now, but your groove is just around the corner.

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Noel Lloyd

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