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Are You Having Any Fun Yet?

Are You Having Any Fun Yet?


Hey, are we having any fun yet? I mean that’s a perfect question to ask.
You may have goals and dreams and a vision of what you want and that will put you on a journey and here’s one of the things that I think is the most important thing about the journey and that is are we having any fun yet?

In this short video, I’m going to talk about how to make the journey that you feel compelled to take the one that you want to take as much fun as possible. I’m at a live training for being a better coach. I’m gathered with other coaches and people who were consultants and have programs and we’re working at doing what we do better.

One of the reasons for me is so that I can have more fun. One of the things that I frequently asked Dr. George Birnbach is how can we make this more fun. I have this perspective that if I’m pushing for a particular goal and I’m miserable, I’ve got the wrong goal, or I’ve got the wrong path or I’m just doing it wrong.

I believe that we can take care of Chiropractic patients. We can have busy days. We can have slow days. We can have all kinds of different days in the office and they can be fun. Not that there isn’t work and that that work isn’t hard, but it needs to be fun. I’m going to give you some tips for having more fun doing what you do in the next segment.

One of the things that I woke up to was that if I really knew my scripts and I had a good grip that would accomplish for me on day one or day two or handling objections that I would look forward to having an opportunity to explain what was wrong. I would enjoy handling objections and I would actually like it when I got a chance to sit down and go over the money with the patient about chiropractic care.

One of the ways to have more fun is really be prepared. If you were golfing and you had a great swing and you really practice your putting and you knew how to hit the Fairway with the driver. You’d have more fun if you’re skiing and you know how to pick your way through the Moguls and get down to the bottom look back up at the Olympic. I did that really well you’d have more fun. 
Part of that is just get really really good at what you do. Really really get good at your script handling. They want to handling day to and handling objections to what do you do that? Well you train well, how do we make training more fun you make training again we used to do what we call objection these it’s like a spelling bee people would train see.

Is with me to come together from all the different offices and we have a lunch and we have competition and we have prizes and when I meet with my doctor’s we would have the trophy for the person had the best statistics we try to gain the fire at so we can look forward to the competition and that So another thing that I did is that I figured out. That there were about I would say a handful to 1214 patients. I just love seeing and I thought why do I love seeing these people and a good amount of time. The reason that I love seeing them is because they did everything that I asked them to do and they were compliant and worked well with me and I thought you know, what would I need to teach every patient in order for them to work?

Well with me and to be. Compliant and I started to set up what fun patient interaction or reaction would be and I started to train to that before. I knew it more and more patients were being exactly like the patient’s I was having fun taking care of one of the things that I learned to love and learn to enjoy was my marketing and boy did that serve me.

Well and one of the things that I learned is that I had so much more fun marketing with. That alone. I can do a screening alone a massage event alone. I can do any marketing event alone, but I would rather do that with somebody to talk to shared my vision who was going to help me and so I started training and developing class.

So I would go out and do a marketing event and we would talk and we would laugh on the way there. We throw our gear in the car and I would say hey Liz what is job one fun is. Job one, Dr. Lloyd fun is job one. So we go to have fun and just accidentally meet people who need a chiropractor’s so I don’t want you to take a look at your journey.
Take a look at your goals. Take a look at what you all set for and then take a look at the journey and say ah, this is terrible. I can hardly wait I get through with this the journey should be just as much fun as the as that as that. Attaining the goal how insane is it to do a bunch of things that you absolutely hate to do on the way to get to a goal and then to find out that you didn’t have to make the journey.

That way you could have had a lot more fun. So here’s my encouragement for you get together of the bunch of chiropractors who are headed in the same direction that you are that are all working at having more fun in their. And share tips and encouragement and be able to give others encouragement and atta boy atta girl, so this can be a lot more fun and imagine this all the wonderful Chiropractic patients and miracles that we get to see in the process.

Let’s not make this harder than it needs to be.
Let’s make this more fun, so, Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

I’ll talk to you later. Bye. Bye.

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