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Always Wanted To Do This!

Always Wanted To Do This!




Doctors, it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here for Five Star Management wearing my Five Star t-shirt.

Over the last couple days I had a chance to go down to Parker University and do something I’ve always wanted to do. I got a chance to speak to a room full of clinic owners and a room full of students about the problems with regular associateships. I think you’ll find what they were saying very interesting and I’ll share it with you in this next segment.

So there we were, half the group was clinic owners, half the group was students and I said, put the slide up, and I said, “what’s the biggest problem with associateships?” So I asked the clinic directors to be candid and honest about what they were finding with associate prospects. Entitled, want too much, think they’re worth more than they are? I mean it really, really got frank very, very quickly. Then I asked the students, “so tell me what your concept about associateships are, do you get taken advantage of, you don’t get paid correctly? All kinds of negative things from the clinic directors and the students virtually every single thing was negative, but both sides felt that associateships were necessary evils.

You’re looking for a job; you have to get some training where do you go straight out of school if you’re not ready to set up? The clinic director was saying well I just need this help, but everybody’s experience, everybody’s experience was negative and then I shared Win-Win Associate Development.

I gave example after example of what you need to do in order to build an associateship the correct way, select the correct person, give them the correct training and the correct launch. You should have seen the students light up and you should have seen the clinic directors light up. It was really eye opening for both groups.

At the end of that, one young woman raised her hand and she said, “Dr. Lloyd can I get a list of people who have gone through the Win-Win Associateship training? I would love to be able to call one of those doctors and look for a position.” I thought, you know what we have to put that together and make sure that that’s available and so that’s a project we have in the works.

The lesson for me was that we have two groups here. We have students who desperately need success training and a job and we’ve got clinic directors who desperately need help. If you learn how to mentor and be mentored, you can be super successful and there’s more than enough success for everybody in the equation.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for clinic owners, for students, but mainly for chiropractic and I know this stuff works.

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