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Hey guys it’s Noel here and I’m two-thirds of my way through my sabbatical. I was thinking about how fortunate I am and how blessed I am and how thankful I am to be a chiropractor. I love the fact that I’m in the battle.

Let me tell you a short story. There’s a guy who had a tech company and he got bought and he got bought just the way that most tech company owners want to be bought and that is here’s a pile of money and you don’t have any further responsibility to the company. He thought, wow! I’ve got all this money and I’ve got all this freedom and I’m going to work on my golf game and I’m going to get to know my wife and I’m going to spend time with my kids.

Well, before he knew it, his kids were back in school, the wife took a job because I think that he drove her crazy at the house, and he was still playing absolutely terrible golf. You know what? He went and got a job. He wanted to make a difference and he came up with this conclusion that fulfillment in life is not constructed from what you don’t have to do. Fulfillment in life is not constructed from what you don’t have to do. Why does Gates still work, why does Buffett still work – because it’s fulfilling.

Now, let’s think about us. We’re chiropractors. Think about the 12-year old boy who always wet the bed his entire life, never was at a sleepover, had been made fun of by his older brothers and a chiropractic adjustment freed him from that.

Think of the young women who’s 27-year olds who had migraine headaches since she was 19, after a car accident, and she thought that that was just going to be her lot in life and a chiropractic adjustment changed her life.

Think about the young man who is on all these mood-altering drugs because of depression and got a chiropractic adjustment and didn’t have to suffer from that anymore. Think about the people in pain; think about the people that I help.

Now, I had a nun that I took care of who wanted to kiss my hands because of what chiropractic did for her. So we are so blessed to be in something that changes lives. To be worthy of being a chiropractor and part of being worthy of being a chiropractor is to realize in that moment, in that present-time consciousness, what we get to do.

It all goes back to our philosophy that life comes from above, down, inside out, that subluxations rob people of the best life and the best health that they could have and that we as chiropractors get a chance to fix that. We tell the story, not everybody believes us, and it doesn’t always work out the way that we want it to but I’m firmly convinced that if we get there in time, if we find the subluxation, if we remove it, and if we keep the pressure off the nerve we are going to see miracles.

Now for me that is a worthwhile life. I love my job as a coach, I love my job as a consultant and quite honestly after 3 weeks off, I’m kind of chomping at the bit to get back to it. I just hope that you understand how blessed we are to be chiropractors and to have so much to give.

The richest people in the world look for purpose and meaning in their life. The people who lose purpose and meaning in their life, they end up aimless and wasting their life.

So let’s be grateful, today let’s be grateful. Thank you God that we get to be chiropractors. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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