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A Practice Coach’s Confession

A Practice Coach’s Confession

The Missing PieceI’ve got mixed feelings about telling you this, but it’s true and I’m learning a ton, so here it goes: For the first time in almost 30 years I’ve hired a coach.

I don’t know if you know this, but most practice consultants don’t get to sit in another coach’s classes, let alone take their program for a full year. Consultants spend so much time on their own seminars and coaching schedule that it’s rare to find the time to sharpen our skills or learn from others. Maybe our ego has something to do with it too.

However, I found a coach with a good program packed with great information outside the chiropractic profession and attended a low cost, live introductory seminar. I loved what I heard and saw, so I ran the math, and figured it was inexpensive by any analysis, so I bought it. I felt good about the decision the next morning. No regrets – let’s go!

Result? I’m not only learning new material and better ways to help clients succeed, but I’ve also found it’s interesting (and instructive) how I’m approaching getting the most out of the coaching program I’m buying.

After leading people for over 27 years, I decided I’d be my coaches dream client. I purposed to be the client I hope for at Five Star and hold myself accountable to get the most I can out of my time in the group.

Here are 13 things I actually do today to BE that dream client and get all I can. I call it:

Noel’s Baker’s Dozen Tips for Getting the Most Out of Your Coach!

1.       I’m responsible and it’s up to me to push myself to get as much as I can out of the whole experience.

2.       I make quick use of the material to stay motivated and excited. It’s up to me to do that in order to implement.

3.       I study the material between 36 and 120 minutes a day 5-6 days a week.

How do I know about the time? I work out every morning except Sunday. The first 36-minutes is spent on a StairMaster for cardio. During that time I watch and listen the programs recorded webinars or streamed MP3 files. This stimulates my brain with new ideas.

When I hear a great idea, I dictate it to email using my iPhone and send it to myself and to my assistant.

4.       My assistant prints and 3-hole punches the “great idea” emails for my notebook.

5.       I also transcribe parts or all of pertinent webinars for review later.

6.       I head to the office early to be alone and review the notes over coffee.

7.       I’m scheduled to attend all the workshops and will show up with written questions, projects I’m working on for review and eager to learn.

8.       I send short emails with clear questions to my coach to answer. He usually gets back to me, but if not, I just keep searching for the answers in the materials. No blaming.

9.       I make every effort to be on the live webinar training and contribute. Frequently my assistant joins me, takes notes and we learn together. This amplifies my chances of implementing new ideas.

10.   I share what I’m learning with my assistant. Remembering, the teacher always learns more than the student. Since I want to absorb what I’m learning – I teach her, and use it with my clients ASAP.

11.   I jump in and start using new material ASAP, with freshly taken notes in hand if needed. I push myself to make changes and improvements. At 65 I’m officially the old dog learning tons of new tricks.

12.   I’m careful to do exactly what I’m asked to do, exactly the way I’m asked to do it and give no excuses.

13.   I’m “racing” with new friends in the program to make it more fun to implement new stuff quickly.

BTW, I wrote this blog so I can recruit my clients to make the same commitments to learning Five Star, but if you’re a client in another program, use my tip list with caution. Your coach might not know what to do with you. Here’s to your success!

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