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A Peak Into Five Star Galaxy

A Peak Into Five Star Galaxy


Hey gang it’s Noel here and I’m in Scottsdale Arizona, where it’s raining. It doesn’t usually do that down here. We’re going to do what’s called Galaxy, Five Star Management Galaxy.

Now, I’ve had several people just recently ask me, “I understand Five Star, but what is Galaxy?” Galaxy is a next-level experience at Five Star Management for the successful chiropractor that’s gone through Five Star 1 or 2 or possibly even 3 years and they’re looking for a next-level.

This is a discussion-based mastermind where we get together, we do projects together, and we share. All of these practices, every single one of them, did a best ever year last year. Some people have increased by over a million dollars in collected money in a year, actually started at 400K and now collecting 1.4M. Some people have tripled or even quadrupled their practices. Some people have added 1 or 2 or more associates.

What we do is we get together and we do things like “best of the best,” so the person that’s got the best new person numbers, we get a chance to ask them, “what did you do to produce your best new patient numbers,” and they share freely. In fact that’s one of the features of Galaxy that’s so cool is that people come not only to receive but also to give.

There’s another thing that we call “what’s your problem?” We take a look at the 12 different capacity issues that could be a problem in the practice and then we brainstorm that, the whole group, with you and for you. There’s only one condition though, you have to do what we suggest.

Now, everybody wants to see you win so taking the suggestions of the group typically pushes you outside your comfort zone, pushes you over the threshold and into the next level.

We’re doing something special this weekend and that is “my big lesson.” I’ve asked every single person in Galaxy, there’ll be, I believe, 16 people sharing at this particular event as not everybody could be here, to teach you’re big lesson. The big lesson that allowed you to go to the next level.

Now I know for a fact that some people will be teaching on training associates, some people are going to be teaching on marketing, some people are going to be teaching on team development, so there’s all kinds of different things that’ll happen. They get 10 minutes plus 5 minutes for questions, so we’ll do 4 people in an hour.

Then, what that’ll do, that will set the foundation for wonderful conversations at our breaks. We do great meals together. We’re going to do continental breakfast here tomorrow and then I’m going to buy lunch. Tomorrow night we’re going to go out to dinner and everybody will be chatting back and forth. “Hey I heard you were sharing a little bit and I was curious about this and I was wondering….” The mastermind goes on throughout the entire weekend.

Now tonight we’re going to meet for a reception and we ask that you bring your whole family. The whole family means mom, dad, sometimes it’s grandma and grandpa and the kids. We have a little cheese, a little wine, a little soda, some treats and we get a chance to just chat for a while.

After that we do our great book discussion. We’ll pick a super book. It’s so much fun to hear what some people are getting out of these different books. There’s this mastermind again that goes on. That’s what Galaxy’s about.

Galaxy isn’t for everybody. You have to be somebody who likes to share, somebody who works well with others, and you need to also be invited into the group. But if you think that you’re ready for your next level, you’ve been in Five Star for a couple years and you’re challenged and you want to get to that next level, ask me or ask George about Galaxy.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd, just about an hour from our first Galaxy meeting this weekend on a Thursday night where we’ll meet for our reception. I’ll talk to you later, buh bye.

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