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Program Yourself For Success

Program Yourself For Success


Hey this is Dr. Noel Lloyd. Would you like to know how to program yourself for success so that you intuitively, automatically seek a successful action? Well there’s a process I found that was common to all successful people and I’m going to share it with you in this short video.

So over 30+ years I’ve had the occasion to coach many wonderful, successful people and I would do that with coaching calls. The day before yesterday I had a bunch of coaching calls. I noticed the same thing. Successful people communicate in a specific way and they do that more times than they don’t so I’ve taught people who are less successful to communicate with me in this language pattern and this thought pattern and they became more successful. I’ll teach that to you in the next segment.

You might be asking yourself, can you really program yourself for success and the answer is yes. The unsuccessful person blames circumstances instead of taking responsibility, they drop into victim speak. So what’s the opposite of shirking responsibility and victim speech? It’s this sequence of conversation.

Number one, winners; successful people talk about wins. Wins give you energy, wins are top of mind, wins predispose you’re in the game and that you’re playing. Second, winners take the energy from their wins and they focus on near-term goals. What’s the next thing that we want to do? Because I won I’m feeling positive, I’ve got energy, where am I going to invest that? I’m going to go to my next near-term goal.

Then, winners, successful people, talk about how they’re going to do that. They list action steps; these are my action steps. Then they brainstorm, this is the notes section that I like to refer to on the call sheet. Then winners, positive successful people, will eventually get around to their problems, but their problems aren’t first on their list. Finally, they get to talk about an affirmation. If it is to be, it’s up to me. It’s all an adventure. Some positive thought again that puts a cap on maybe the problems that they’ve been having.

Number one wins. Number two near-term goals. Number three action steps. Number four notes or brainstorming with your brainstorm partner or your coach. Number five you discuss what the problems are so you can get a better perspective on those. Number six you just affirm your way out of that particular conversation.

That’s the way successful people think, that’s the way they talk. Start thinking that way, start talking that way and you’ll be more successful. I promise.

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