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How to Use Power Hours to Reduce Practice Stress

How to Use Power Hours to Reduce Practice Stress


Hey gang it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd here for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to give you my best tips for taking stress out of the practice, bringing your volume up and turning up the fun factor.

Let me lead into this by telling you a story. I coach this absolutely wonderful chiropractic. His name is Dr. Jay and he’s in downtown Manhattan and Dr. Jay, years ago, got stuck at a particular level. He was at 160+ patient visits a week and he’d go up a little higher, then he’d drop back down, go up a little higher then drop back down. We tried all of the theories on management and organization that are where what I call top-down theories. They just weren’t helping him.

We decided that we would do a bottom-up theory and here’s what I mean by that. We need to organize your time in your busiest hours so it’s low stress. We picked one hour, what’s the busiest hour you have all week, and he gave me that. I think it was a Monday afternoon probably between 5 and 6, or maybe Wednesday. I said, “We’re going to organize and streamline that hour so that you do nothing but adjust patients. No re-exams, no extra procedures, just nothing but adjust. I want you to stay focused and then at the end of the hour go up to Joanne (that’s his front desk CA) and say ‘How’d I do?’”

Well, we call this his power hours. Now this is in downtown Manhattan, this is where they invented the New York minute. What would happen is that Jay got more and more and more efficient at seeing patients and his patients liked his attitude and his focus better. He wasn’t distracted. In fact it wasn’t long until somebody started to come in and ask, “Can I be booked into one of those power hour things?” Joanne said, “Well, how’d you hear about power hours?” “Well, Dr. Jay told me.”

Now what happened to the practice? It over doubled just because he stayed focused and concentrated on just taking care of patients, not allowing other procedures to pull him out. Now he eventually added an associate to his practice that helped him with new patients and examinations and built her own practice. You know what? She’s a wildly successful young chiropractor too.

So here’s the principal involved. Take one of your busiest hours and just remain focused on patient care only. 100% present-time conscious with the patient. No extra procedures pulling you away. By rule and by practice you are focused in what we call a power hour. Now those will fill up and then you’ll have to add more and then you’ll have to add more. You’re practicing your organization and focus and intensity and present-time consciousness, it’ll cause your practice to grow too and the volume will go up and the fun factor will go way up.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for you having a heck of a lot more fun taking care of your patients! I almost forgot, if you would like to work on your volume and your stress; increase volume, decrease stress. There’s a button on this page, some place, that’ll allow you to sign up for our next live training which is High Volume, Low Stress.

Now this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. See you later, buh bye.


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