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How to get tons of free time to enjoy your success!

How to get tons of free time to enjoy your success!


Hey, have you ever wondered how some doctors can get so much great time off to enjoy their success with their family by doing great vacations, great trips and the practice never suffers. Well in this short video I’m going to explain exactly how that works.

Hi this is Dr. Noel Lloyd and right now I’m in the island of Hawaii, on the island of Hawaii. They call it the big island and I’ve been out taking a look for different hotels where we can have our Galaxy group meet and we’ll do that in February. When our doctors come here, they take some extra time and the practice will absolutely thrive in their absence. How in the world do you do that?

Step one, is that you hire an associate and you develop them inside the win-win model so that you can have your associate cover your practice and when the associate takes a vacation, you can cover the associates practice. It’s kind of tradesies, right, and it’s a fair trade. Now is your practice larger and the associate practice smaller? Typically, but since you’re also the employer and you’ve structured the arrangement, that’s not a bad deal.

Number two, you want to develop what I call a clinic clone. You’ve been developing your technique for 5, 10, 20+ years. It’s reasonable that you ask your associate to literally clone what it is that you do, so they adjust like you. The goal here is to have them adjust in such a way that if the patient were blindfolded that they wouldn’t know the difference between your adjustment and the associates’ adjustment. That way when you leave for your trip to Hawaii, your associate takes care of your patients in such a way that there are no complaints, there’s no difficulty. It also builds a much, much better bond between the clinic director and the associate in that the clinic director’s teaching the associate how to do his or her adjustments.

Number three, I really believe that you make plans for your wonderful trips first at the start of the year so if you want to get 3-weeks off in a year, you need an associate, they need to be developed as a clone, but you go to your calendar, instead of waiting for the last week or 2 to and see if you think you can make it, you plan the trips and you use those as goal markers. That way we’ll put that family memory very, very high in our priority.

Step number one, get an associate and develop them in the win-win model. Step number two is make sure that they are a clinic clone of yours and then step number three is plan those trips in advance and then work like crazy in order to make it work around it.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and for more chiropractors getting more time off. By the way, I’m in the airport right here on the big island and it’s kind of noisy, but oh gee did I find a great hotel for our galaxy meeting next February when everybody will be having their associate take care of their practice, developed in the clinic clone model and making sure that they’ve planned this one well in advance. Talk to you later, buh bye.

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