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7 Steps to Practice Success in 2016

7 Steps to Practice Success in 2016


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Here we are, two days before Christmas. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year by the way. Happy Hanukah as well.

You’re a smart kid, you know what’s waiting for you don’t you? 2016! I’m going to share, in this short video, my seven steps for success so you can go into the new year and grab all of the success that you want!

So, some of you will be assembling presents for your kids and grandkids after Christmas and isn’t it great when there are super instructions that are super clear to follow. This segment right here is like the instructions to assemble a super successful year in 2016.

Let me take you through my list of seven things. Number one, fire. That is the desire that you have in your heart, your emotions to do, have and be better. You want to tend the fire very, very carefully. Your fire comes from your self-talk, it’s your commentary about what you think about what you think about your progress and do the best that you possibly can to keep your self-talk positive.

Number two, focus. Now, we’ve got X amount of time on the planet. I’m 66 years old, going to be 67 in a couple of months. I’m acutely aware that I have X amount of time to give the best that I have to give. So, what do we need to do? We need to focus our energies by setting goals. We can’t just lollygag, we have to be on purpose and with our fire, in order for it to mean anything, we have to have goals. Number two, set goals.

Number three, formulas. You know what the good news is, is that virtually every single thing that you want, there’s a formula for. There’s a formula for a great day one. There’s a formula for great marketing. There’s a formula for managing and leading your staff. Go out and collect those formulas and carefully guard and work on those formulas. The man or woman who has the best set of formulas and executes the formulas and recipes in 2016 has the best opportunity for their success.

Now, once you have the fire and the focus and the formula, you’ve got to take the first step. You’ve got to take action. Think about the 3, 4, 5, 6 things that you need to take action on. Pick the first, best, and easiest one. The first one is usually the best one and is typically the easiest one to do so that you get some momentum. You have to start moving. No action, no success, no exception.

Now, right down here failure. Wait a minute? That’s the wrong list Noel. You know what? Every single successful person I know has a list of failure stories and they’ll tell them and they’ll laugh as they do. One of the things that I’ve notices is real successful people aren’t afraid of failure.

If you have something that holds you back from acting because you’re afraid of failing, that works against you. You’ve just got to let it go. Understand that every single successful person you know, everyone, the big, big successful people, they’ve got their failure stories. Just get past it, learn to accept it, laugh about it.

Finish. I’m not talking about done. I’m talking about polish to perfection. When you get a great day one, a great day two, a great office meeting, polish that thing to perfection. It isn’t good that I just did it once right, I want to polish it so that all I do, that is day one, day two, whatever procedure it is, I do it right every single time.

And then the final thing is freedom. Now, fire, focus, formula, first step, not afraid to fail, polish to perfection, brings me freedom. Now, the interesting thing is that every single great musician is trained in the mechanics of their instrument so that they are free in their head and in their heart to be at one with the music and maybe the audience.

One of the beautiful things about Chiropractic is that if all of your procedures and your staff management and your marketing and all the other things that you’re working on, that you’ve polished them to perfection, you’re free. You’re free to do what? Be in love with Chiropractic, in love with the moment, present time conscious and then also care about the patient.

Now, let me give you an eighth F that helps all of these things. It’ll help your fire, your focus, your formula, you’re first step, help you through your failure, help you with your finishing, and help you with your freedom and that’s what I call fellowship.

You know, don’t do this alone. It’s not only not necessary, but it’s lonely. I mean, this is an absolutely wonderful journey if you’re pursuing helping people, having fun, being successful with a bunch of men and women who share your heart, share your mind, and share you guts for Chiropractic, so find a great group!

By the way, if you think Five Star might be your great group, go around our website, take a look at some of our testimonies of the people who are here with me at Five Star and see if we might not be a group that helps you increase your fire, increase your focus, collect your formulas, take all the action steps that you need, get past failure with a smile on your face, laughing about it, finish things to perfection and have the freedom that you want.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. I know that this helps.

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