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Understanding Your Job

Understanding Your Job




It’s Dr. Noel Lloyd and I’m up on Camano Island. Beautiful sunny day, Port Susan in the background, all the beautiful clouds over the Cascades, and I want to follow-up on my video on mentorship.

This relationship between associate and clinic director is so important and it’s up to the clinic director in order to frame it because you’ve offered the job and it’s your responsibility to talk about how the position works.

I was speaking with a client the other day, he’s a big sports fan and I told him that I wanted him to reference the position to his associate this way.

The associate’s the player. In this particular case he’s the one, it’s a man, he’s the one who’s going to be carrying the ball, throwing the pass, maybe blocking to use a football metaphor. The clinic director’s job is totally different. He’s the team owner, he’s the coach, he’s the referee, and he’s the cheerleader.

So as the team owner he has responsibility in order to make this stuff work. As the coach he’s going to train, make sure that everybody knows their skills. As the referee he’s going to make sure that everybody plays by the rules. It’s his job in order to make sure that everybody stays in bounds. Then as the cheerleader it’s his job to recognize accomplishment and be unreasonably positive because when you first start getting going, an associate may be thrown for a loss, to use another sports metaphor, and the cheerleaders are going to encourage the team that’s been thrown for a loss by saying, “Hey that’s okay. Let’s go. Go team go!”

That’s how the relationship works in my view. I don’t do the screenings, even though I will. I’m not the one adjusting the associate’s patients or producing their new patients, even though I can. It’s my job as the team owner, as the coach, as the referee, and as the cheerleader to make sure that the player gets the work done and is properly compensated and that their position works.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. Think about it that way and see if it doesn’t help.

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