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5 New Social Media Ideas in Under 3 Minutes

5 New Social Media Ideas in Under 3 Minutes


Hey everyone. This is Dr. George Birnbach. And as we’re moving towards the end of this year, we wanna have fun, right? We wanna end the year strong. We wanna get together with all of our marketers and the new patient academy and in five star. And we wanna come up with some fun social media marketing ideas, because if we really get down to it coming up with new ideas all the time is challenging, right? But finding things that are fun is one thing, finding things that are effective in other way, but finding things that are both fun and effective well, that’s really the sweet spot where we wanna get.

So I just wanna throw some ideas that we’re coming up with when we brainstorm with all of our great new patient academy people, and this is what they’re coming up with and what they’re getting results with. The first is to share some patient generated content on your social media challenge, reaction videos from your patients when they come in and they see their family get adjusted or reaction videos, when they walk in and they get to share a win. You see? that’s a really nice piece. You know, we can always do a giveaway or a contest. Right now remember a big giveaway at the end of the year is use the care you’ve paid for before your deductibles reset. So there’s a second idea. Write “hey Thanksgiving, in November, it’s a time to give back. You can share the success that you’ve experienced at our chiropractic office by sharing this gift certificate with your friends and your family so they can get the same results that you get.” You see? So there is a second idea. A third is, “hey, tell us about your experience, but tag a friend. Who would you like to see experience the world that we’ve created at ABC chiropractic or advanced chiropractic?”

A fun idea that someone came up with this morning was post behind the scenes photos of the office, not the cluttery back room, but how you’re getting set up for the equipment, how you’re bringing in technology that will really help people show behind the scenes photos of people working in the clinic so they can better take care of the patients inside that clinic, you know, use plenty of emojis, have a whole lot of fun. And then another idea, the fifth idea is to show some how to videos. Let me show you how we approach figuring out a headache. Let me show you how we get someone who had a concussion back on track. What technology are we using? Let me show you how we can relieve back pain using decompression and focus in on some how to videos. So right there, are five good ideas that you know, were developed by people who are doing the marketing for chiropractic practices. So you can take those and put them into play today.

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