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5 Most Exciting Things You’ll Ever Love…

5 Most Exciting Things You’ll Ever Love…




Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

Have you ever noticed that when you’re excited, when you’re enthusiastic, when your energy is high you’re in the zone, patients are doing exactly what you ask them to, you’re day flies by, you’ve never had more fun in the clinic.

I’m going to share with you my five most exciting things that you’ll ever love about chiropractic so you’ll be able to take your energy through the roof.

So, here’s the set-up. The people that I know that are the most powerful, the people that had the most fun, are the people that are able to focus their attention and what they think on in order to create the energy that they’re looking for, the excitement that they want, and the enthusiasm that carries them through the day.

What are the five most exciting things that I love about chiropractic and I think you will too? Well, number one is your chiropractic philosophy. If you have a good, strong elevator speech anywhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes that talks about the power that made the body, healing the body, it’s exciting, and it also resonates with your chiropractic patients. The more you talk about philosophy through the day, the more excited that you’ll be.

Number two, technique. If you are a master at your technique, that will excite you. When I have sent associates to technique seminars they come back excited because they’ve got brand new, fresh solutions.

Over this last weekend I was at a seminar and one of my doctors was talking about getting certified in his technique. He’s talking about that with his patients, his patients are listening and the whole practice is excited about his technique and his specialty.

The third thing is chiropractic testimonies. I just absolutely love great stories! We collect them, we share them, I’ll walk patients with great testimonies up to the front desk and ask them to share with the front desk CA and patients in the reception area are listening. So, having chiropractic testimonies on the web, in your office, and on the wall brings the excitement up.

Then what I call this moment in time. We have an obligation or a responsibility to have a trained team so that we put together this coordinated effort. You can be standing someplace in your clinic and you hear your associates taking care of patients, you hear the phone ringing, the CA’s talking, the patients laughing, it’s just a beautiful place to be. There are times like that where you will never want to be any place else.

And then the last thing is the wonderful people that you get to meet. The people lives who you will change. The people who love chiropractic because of you and the people who love the work that you’ve done with them.

Now, this is Dr. Lloyd asking you to focus first on your philosophy, second your technique, third great chiropractic results or testimonies, fourth that moment in time when the office just functions just perfectly & beautifully, and then fifth the beautiful & wonderful people that you will learn to love because of chiropractic.

This is Dr. Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know this stuff keeps me excited.

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