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5 Keys to Automatic Patient Retention

5 Keys to Automatic Patient Retention



Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to share with you my 5-step plan for automatic patient retention. You won’t want to miss it.

So here’s the set-up. You’re a lifetime chiropractic patient, I call them lifers because of what you know and what you’ve seen, you’re never going to be that far from a chiropractic adjustment. Your best patients are lifetime chiropractic patients, many of them understand chiropractic as well as you do and believe in it as much as we do.

So, here’s the question, how do we set up our head, our heart, and our gut, and our office in order to create an environment that automatically produces better patient retention and more lifetime chiropractic patients.

Here’s my 5-step plan to create automatic patient retention. Number 1, you need to get as clear as possible on your philosophy so that you understand why you’re asking someone to come and go through relief, correction, strengthening, on into maintenance, on into wellness, and never leave chiropractic.

Your chiropractic philosophy needs to be strong with above, down, inside out. Your chiropractic philosophy needs to be strong with the power that made the body, heals the body. Our chiropractic philosophy is the only thing that separates us from massage therapy. Now there’s nothing wrong with massage therapists, but it’s not chiropractic. So a strong chiropractic philosophy.

Number 2, your chiropractic practice vision. This is your dream practice. This is your practice on its most beautiful day in your dreams. I ask my clients to write that out, 5 senses, present time. “I see patients in the reception area. I hear and see patients being taken care of by associate doctors in the treating area. I hear conversations with the CA’s.” What does it look like? You can’t build it and you can’t go get it unless you understand what it looks like.

Number 3, your goals. Now your goals are your practice vision translated into numbers. So, if I want to have a busy practice and in my vision I see lots of people, well what is a busy practice? Is it 200 patient visits a week? That’s your goal. Is it 250? Write your goal down. So what ever you see in your vision needs to be translated into a number for your goals.

Now here’s the fun part. Your philosophy, your vision, and your goals will pick your number 4, which are your action steps. These are the things that we do because of our philosophy, the things that we do in order to create our vision, the things that we do in order to reach our goals.

So, number 1 philosophy, number 2 vision, number 3 goals, number 4 actions steps, and here’s step number 5, recruit your patients to all 4 of the above. In other words, recruit them. So, if you’ve got great staff people, they’re recruited to your philosophy, they’re recruited to your vision and help try to create it, they’re recruited to helping you reach your goals, and they’re recruited to doing action steps that make all those things a reality. Involve your patients in that.

If you want your chiropractic to be your patient’s chiropractic, if you want them to embrace chiropractic like you do, recruit them. So, I share my philosophy, new patient orientation class, report of findings conversation with the patient, I share my vision for the practice, I tell people how I want to help everybody in the community, and I share my goals. I want to see as many new patients as possible at this upcoming patient appreciation day. I have set aside 20 spots for your friends and neighbors, so I share my goals.

And the action steps, I actually have patients help me recruit patients. I have them help and volunteer in different things that we do in the office. If you recruit to a strong vision, if you recruit to a beautiful philosophy, if you recruit to great admirable goals that your patients can be proud of as well, and then the action steps put you in a team that makes it easy to recruit lifetime patients.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management, for chiropractors everywhere, and for lifetime patients because I know that works.


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