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5 Foundations for Your Best Ever Year!

5 Foundations for Your Best Ever Year!

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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to share with you the 5 foundations that you must understand in order to have your BEST EVER practice in 2016

Every great practice has a great foundation. If you have a broken foundation or an uneven foundation you’re going to have a broken practice or an uneven practice, something that’s hard to build upon. And I found out, over the years, that there are 5 foundations that you must understand, that you must comprehend, that you must get right in order to build a great practice and in 2016.

If you want to do your BEST EVER work, you’re going to need to understand these. I’m going to share them with you in this next segment.

What do I mean by the 5 foundations that you must have right in order to build a great, great practice to do your best work in 2016? Well, I’ve got my grid here and I’m going to fill them in from the bottom up.

We’re Chiropractors so what’s our most important foundation? That’s right, our chiropractic philosophy. So, let me write that in, philosophy. If you’re chiropractic philosophy recognizes universal intelligence, innate intelligence, understands the subluxation, knows that life comes from above, down, inside out, and the subluxations cut off life, you have a sense of purpose and a sense of mission that compels you to be successful.

It is a message that allopathic medicine wants to bury and you have a mission and you are on purpose when you’re sharing your philosophy. And by the way, your philosophy resonates with people. When they hear it, they understand it and they are attracted to it.

Number two is your vision. What I mean by that is your vision for your practice. Let’s say that you could describe to me the perfect practice in 5 senses and in present time.

“I walk into the reception area and I notice that all the seats are full. I take a look over at the CA station and I notice happy CA’s exchanging pleasantries with happy patients. I take a look down to the patient care area and I notice all the tables and hot seats are full and the doctors, in a multiple doctor office, are working quickly, on purpose they’re focused, they’re having great conversations, not too long, but good conversations.”

This is what I want my practice to look like. Now, your vision needs to pull you forward. You need to describe your practice in first person, present time, 5 senses so that it is attractive and exciting to you. If this is your foundation, built on this philosophy, you must have that in order to do your best work.

What’s the third thing? Goals. Your goals need to be specific and full of numbers. If there are no numbers and they aren’t specific, they’re just wishes. “I wish I had a great practice.” Well, what does that mean? For you, that might mean 200+ patient visits a week; very, very specific. It might mean that you collect $50,000 a month; very, very specific. Your goals need to be consistent with your vision and consistent with your philosophy.

Well, what’s the next thing? Action steps. Now, this is the cool part. If you’re philosophy, your vision, and your goals are strong; they will run out and pick your action steps for you. If your philosophy, your vision, and your goals are weak, it’s hard to figure out what you really want to do because your philosophy, which is your purpose and your mission, your vision, which is what you’re trying to build, and your goals, aren’t formed well enough for you to pick action steps.

When these three are strong, this fourth one comes down really, really well. It must be there. If all you have is philosophy, vision, and goals but no action steps, you’re going to be real excited for a period of time and then you’re going to run out of excitement because you don’t know what to do.

The final thing is what I call self-talk. That’s the conversation that you have with you about this whole process. One of the fun things about Five Star Management, at least for me and I believe for my clients too, is that we’re all focused on philosophy. We spend a good deal of time making sure that the doctors vision is crystal clear; different visions for different doctors, everybody can have their own vision and should have their own vision.

That everybody has their goals nice and tight, they know exactly what they want to do. The action steps, they get coached on, they get procedures, and then they’re hanging out with guys and girls who are headed in the same direction that they are. We share wins and when we head off in that direction, here’s the chiropractor, standing on top, hair on fire, having a ton of fun, building the practice of their dreams.

Now, those are the 5 foundations and I want to invite you to Make the Most of the Year, Finish the Year Before it Starts. I’m going to, on December 3rd, I’m going to take everybody through this great webinar. We’ve got a 29-page handout; you can register for the webinar right down below here.

Gather your team together, pull up the computer screen, make some popcorn, and take a look at your philosophy, your vision, your goals, your action steps, and start to have a conversation with your team about where you’re going, tell them why you’re going there, tell them what you want it to look like, set some goals together, pick some action steps, and continue that self-talk.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that this is going to help.

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