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3 Simple Retention Keys

3 Simple Retention Keys




So, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and right now we are prepping for a retention seminar that’s coming up in about a months time. I want to give you three tips for a great foundation for super patient retention and I’ll do that in this short video.

We all want patients to stay in a good care plan and get the best that chiropractic has to offer. To go through relief, correction, strengthening, into maintenance of health and all the way into wellness. So let me give you three very, very good tips for establishing great patient retention.

Number one, use your trained technique care protocol. If you’re a CBP chiropractor, there’s a certain number of visits that CBP recommends that you outline for the patient to start their care, if you’re a NUCCA chiropractor, or whatever technique you have, use your techniques recommended visits.

You’re also a wonderful clinician and you know what people need and outline for your patients the care that you’d want somebody to outline for your grandparent or your parents or your spouse or your kids or your brother or your sister. Outline the care that you know in your heart is the best that they can get. That way that makes it easy for you to defend that plan from your convictions.

Number two, give people a financial solution for their problem and here’s what I mean. Offer three financial options. Most of the time patients are going to have a financial stake in their care; they’re going to need to pay.

So, if there’s a pre-pay option where they get a chance to save some money, that’s one choice. If there’s a timed payment plan, that’s another choice. If there’s a financing option, for instance like using an instrument like care credit, then that gives the patient three choices. They get a chance to make the choice that’s best for them.

The third thing is to help people do what we call block booking or pre-scheduling. If we were going to a great restaurant, one that was really, really popular, we’d have to make a reservation in order to get the time that we wanted. In a busy chiropractic office, you’ll need to secure the time that works best for you way ahead of time. It’s a reason to help people to block book.

Also, patients are giving you their best decisions in the first few days and if you help them make a commitment to a care plan one of those decisions, you’ve done well.

So, three things in order to increase your retention; great care plans, number two financial solutions, and number three helping the patient commitment to their appointment schedule.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that that works.


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