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3 Secrets for Bringing CAs Up to Speed FAST!

3 Secrets for Bringing CAs Up to Speed FAST!


Hey, have you ever wondered how somebody can hire a brand new chiropractic assistant, a CA, bring them onto their team and have them instantly up to speed and ready to go? Well in this short video I’m going to share with you how you can do that.

So it wasn’t long ago that doctor who had hired 3 CAs asked me, “How do I bring these people up to speed? I lost 3 great people.” It was a move, somebody was going out on maternity leave and something else happened. It wasn’t one of those mass extinctions where everybody quits you because you’re not a nice person. It wasn’t that at all. This was a great doc, but he’s got 3 brand new team members and he said, “What should I do?”

Number one we want them to understand our philosophy. So I asked him to assign to them that they would read every single chiropractic testimony he had available. He happened to have some testimony books; in fact there were many, many testimonies, about 75.   Had some on the wall and scads on the Internet. So here was the assignment, read all of the testimonies, read them all, and write a 1-page on what chiropractic does for people and how it does it.

Now he had all of his team members do this particular exercise and then they had a meeting afterwards. Testimony after testimony after testimony they had favorites: you know I loved the one about the baby or I think it was so cool this lady who couldn’t have children and because of a chiropractic adjustment in her low back she was able to conceive and I really related to the one about the migraines. So they’re talking about philosophy and the doctor had a chance to teach and go through the philosophy of what chiropractic was all about.

Now we talk to people about subluxations and we talk to people about life comes from above, down, inside-out, but even some of our really, really sharp CAs, who have a chiropractic background, may not understand our philosophy. I believe chiropractic never looks better than when it’s lived out in the lives of our patients and I want to give any new team member a full dose of chiropractic philosophy by taking it out of testimony.

So, number one, have everybody read every single testimony that’s available. Number two, write a 1-page report and sit down in a discussion. “Well Noel, I’m really busy I don’t have time to do that.” I don’t think you have time not to do that. That’s a way that you pull somebody in philosophically.

You give them a mission when you do that. They will connect the faces of people coming in and the faces of people in their family that they’ve known who’ve had problems. So many doctors have told me that what will happen after this assignment is that they’ll refer a family member in. So number one, do that.

Number two, if you have a lead or a senior CA that’s still in your team, make that person the brand new persons’ lead and you give that CA, who’s senior, the responsibility to get that person trained and work off checklists.

We believe that every single job has a book. My front desk has a book and in that book are tabs with all the different jobs, checklists, and procedures. The brand new CA’s going to have a lead; it’s going to be your long-standing CA if you have that person. If you don’t, you need to do this yourself.

Now you could limp around and never really spend the time to train anybody and hope that somebody kinda gets it accidentally, but it’s a super big mistake. Have that person have a lead, if it’s you that’s great, if it’s a senior CA that’s great, and have a job book and all of their checklists are there.

Number three, have regular training. It doesn’t need to be a long time, but have regular training on a regular basis and demonstrate what a day one is all about, what a day two is all about, how we handle regular patient visits, what a re-evaluation is about, new patient orientation class. The person has regular training.

“Noel, once they’re trained how come you need to continue to do this regular stuff?” Well, I want to know that not only are they trained but they’re using the procedures that they’ve been trained to do. So, I’m going to have the team demonstrate their training proficiencies to me.

Number one, chiropractic philosophy as lived out in the lives of your patients through your testimonies. Make sure they read every single testimony and write a 1-page report on what they learned by reading those testimonies and sit down and discuss it. Now if you brought in a brand new person and you’ve got 3 CAs who’ve already done this in the past, ask those CAs what they learned from the project when they did it and get this round table discussion about chiropractic philosophy.

Number two, I’ve got to have somebody to report to, I’ve got to have a job book, I’ve got to make sure that I’m responsible or my senior CA ‘s responsible for training the new person. Number three, do regular training.

If you do that in a very, very short period of time you’ll have somebody who’ll come right along side you, have the same mission, have the same purpose, have the same goals that you do because you started with philosophy, you went next into training their specific job and they will appreciate it.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for teams everywhere for doing a super, super job on behalf of their community and chiropractic. I’ll talk to you later, buh bye.

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