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3 Questions BEFORE Any Hire

3 Questions BEFORE Any Hire


Hey everybody. I’ve been reading a lot on hiring lately and writing ads for our associate doctors and to attract great associates into great practices. And one of the things I came upon was one of Amazon’s very first ads looking to hire developers. And this was the ad concept, this job might be for you. If you can get projects done three times faster than anyone you know, with a level of organization that allows you to work well in a team.

Now think about that concept for a minute. They’re really looking for the 1%, we’re asking in the ad are you someone who works faster than everyone else you know? And that’s a great ask because great boundaries attract the right people and repel the wrong people.

So, I started digging more and more into concepts that can help us as chiropractors hire the right people. And in 1998, Jeff Bezos put out three criteria to ask when you’re hiring someone. And I want to share those with you. According to Bezos, setting the bar high when hiring was the single most important element of Amazon success, it was an IQ test, and coaching profiles. It was just setting a high standard of what we expect. And so during the hiring meetings he instructed his managers to ask three questions and I want to share these with you, for your chiropractic office. Number one, will you admire this person? The people you admire or those you will learn from.

So question number one is, will you admire this person? Is this person someone you want to have around? Because you’ll learn from them. You’ll be excited about some aspect of them. Question number two, will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of the group that they are entering? If we put a new person at the front desk do they raise the average level of effectiveness of our front desk? Because at Amazon they’re always pushing the bar higher and higher. The bar has to continuously go up.

So if you’re bringing someone in to work as an associate doctor are they going to make this office better? Because of something about them, their personality their speed, their love of chiropractic their devotion to patient care. What about them will raise the bar of the entire process, the entire office. Question three, along what dimension might this person be a superstar. In other words, what unique skills do they have that will enrich the work environment for everyone else? Those are the three questions that Jeff Bezos came up with in 1998. And I think they’re still effective today.

Will you admire the person? Will this person raise the average level of effectiveness of that team, of that area of the business and in what dimension in what area might this person be a superstar? What skills do they have? Where if we just let them be their own genius their own superstar, their own rockstar. What skills are they going to bring? That will allow them to just thrive in this environment? And that will benefit this clinic. All right, will you admire the person? Will they raise the average level of effectiveness of their position and the people around them? And in what way, in what skillset can they really just shine?

And if you can answer those three questions, you know you’re on the right road to the right hire. And what do we know when we put enough smart people in a practice and on a problem the problems get solved and the practices thrive. All right, take this information and run with it. It’s going to help you put, build better teams.

All right. My name is Dr. George Birnbach. I’ll talk to you soon.

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