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3 Keys to Super Star CA Performance

3 Keys to Super Star CA Performance


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Hi, this is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and in this short video I’m going to give you three keys for getting super star performances from your CA’s.

So, here’s the set up. Every single one of us wants to have a super star performing team and our CA’s support us in the office.

Number one, training is a given, it’s a given. Everybody should train. If you don’t train on day one, day two, the returning visit, the re-evaluation visits, new patient orientation class visit, those five connections, if you don’t train, you don’t have a chance at a super star performance.

If you are training, what three things do you need to do in order to get super star performances from your CA’s? I’ll share it with you in the next segment.

Number one, here’s what your CA’s want, communication and I don’t mean talk to me doctor, I mean listen to me doctor. One of the best things you can do is listen to your CA’s about how the office is running and what’s going on in the clinic. Listen first, talk second, so number one is communication.

Number two is participation. What I mean by that is I want you to participate in the clinic according to the rules that you’ve set up. You might ask your CA’s to book you at 10, 12, or more patient visits an hour but if you’re taking care of patients at 6 or 8 patient visits an hour, things get clogged up, the office starts to really get under a lot of tension.

So doctor, participate by your own rules. If you let your chart notes get behind, you’re not participating. You need to let the CA’s know that you hold the goals of the clinic. Super, super important. You work for the goals of the clinic. So number two, participation.

Number three, appreciation. It’s the end of the year. It’s a perfect time for you to pull a CA aside and say, “Let me tell you how much I appreciate the fact that you handle the patients, our patients, so wonderfully and artfully. Let me tell you how I appreciate you coming in on time and working until the last patient is through.”

So pick out specific things that each CA, your marketing CA, your front desk CA, maybe you have a billing person and you have therapy CAs, and express your appreciation. Now you might be a motivated person that needs very little external motivation. Your all internally driven, but you’re probably working with people that want to know that you see what they’re doing for you and that you appreciate it.

It’s the least expensive and most effective form of bonus I can think of. Now, I’m not saying don’t give bonuses and I’m not saying don’t have great holiday parties because this is the time of year for both of those things, but those are the three things that will help your team have a superstar performance in 2016.

Number one: Communication. Listen first, talk second.

Number two: Participate. You’re a team member. Play by the rules that you set up. Make it easy for them to put extra people in your schedule.

Number three: Let your staff know that you really appreciate the work that they do and you know what, they’ll give you even better work next year.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that helps.

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