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2018 Looks Exciting!

2018 Looks Exciting!

2018 Looks Exciting! from Five Star Management on Vimeo.


Hey it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management. We’re right at the end of the year, halfway through December. One more week of coaching before Christmas, then there’s a little break, but the thing that’s exciting me the most is to see your wonderful progress this year.

There are more Five Star Management clients and best ever years than ever before, more million dollar practices than ever before, we’ve got more people helping more people, having more fun, making more money, we’ve got brand new associates that are launching just beautifully.

You know, I have a favor it ask. If you’re having more fun, if you’re helping more people, if you’re making more money, if you appreciate the work that we’re doing here at Five Star, would you do me a favor? Would you invite your friends to come to Five Star in January?

The Foundations seminar is a wonderful seminar, it’s just great. It’s philosophy, it’s self-image psychology, it’s how to build the foundational relationship that you can take a patient from day one all the way into lifetime wellness care. It’s a wonderful training. We’ve got CA training. I’m so proud to show off my other Five Star Management clients to your friends and guests.

We want to see chiropractors all over the country empowered to build the practices that they dream of, empowered to bring on associates so that they can get the freedom that they’d like, the extra help that they need, and the extra money that they deserve.

I know some people are bringing 4 or 5 different guests. If everybody just brought just, how cool would that be, and let them see what we do at Five Star. Why I’m so excited and why so many of you are so excited about what we do. There’s a box, it’s either on that side or it’s on that side, and it says this upcoming seminar is only $49 a person.

Let’s make a real impact on the profession by empowering chiropractors and by doing it in a wonderful fellowship that we have at Five Star.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd, I’m asking for a Christmas present, I guess that’s what it is and that is for you to bring your guests and have them see what Five Star is all about. I’ll talk to you later and by the way Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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