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2 Ways to Win at New Patient Marketing!

2 Ways to Win at New Patient Marketing!


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Hi, it’s Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management.

We’ve just finished up our Foundation of Success Training that we did, live training, in Chicago and in Seattle. Now, we’re preparing here at Five Star for our Too Many New Patients seminar that will be coming up in Chicago and Seattle.

In this short video, I’m going to give you one super powerful marketing tool and one great empowering marketing attitude.

So, here’s the set up. Over decades at Sound Chiropractic Centers, my marketing people, myself, my associates, my clinic system, we’ve produced HUGE numbers of new patients. In one 31-day period, 601 new patients in the door from our marketing and referrals. I mean it was just absolutely killer.

Well, during that time I collected or developed wonderful tools and great attitudes that I passed on to my associates and that I do to my clients. I’m going to share one great tool and one great tude, short for attitude, in this next segment.

So, what’s this great tool I’m talking about? In every single one of my 10 clinics we had a large, paper, marketing calendar on the wall that the staff, the doctors, the marketing people could not help but see.

Now, one of the things that will happen to a doctor is that he or she gets busy and if you’ve got notes, that have your marketing events on them, those notes will get buried under patient chart files or some other reading material. What’ll happen is that your marketing goes away from your consciousness, and you can’t see it.

I want to post a large, paper calendar (the next 90 days) so that the calendar has the reminding effect. The calendar says, “Dr. Lloyd, Dr. Lloyd! I want you to think about me. I want you to think about your marketing. I want other staff people to too.”

We use the paper calendar this way: we’ll walk about to it in the office meeting and take a look at the events we have coming and then we will plan and think about things. And when somebody thinks of an event or a project, they can walk up to the calendar and pencil it in.

It’s a place that we collect ideas at, it tells us where we’re going when our marketing is there, and a CA might walk up and say, “You know Dr. Lloyd we’ve got two events on one particular day and I’ve got a lot of patients to talk care of here. Are you going to take my doctors out to do this?” It works to help us coordinate with patient care time.

Number one is a paper calendar. Well, Dr. Lloyd I think you’re a little bit behind the times. We’re in a digital age now. I was just talking to clients yesterday that moved their digital google calendar to a paper calendar and they said that it was so much better because the paper calendar, on the wall, reminding them that they need more events and reminding them that they have events coming up. So, that’s the tool.

Well, what’s the tude, what’s the attitude that empowers? Let me put it this way. I’ll just illustrate it. We would get all the marketing equipment into the car, we would jump into the car, and I would say to Liz, or Mandy, or Jody, or Joanne, or my COA (Community Outreach Assistant) at the time, “Liz, what’s job one?” And Liz would say, “Fun is job one Dr. Lloyd!”

Now, when we went to market, we went to have a party. We would talk with people, we would joke, and we would laugh. Now, if we ran into people who needed us, of course we’d make appointments for them. Now, why do I think that fun is job one for marketing is a great empowering attitude?

If you have the pressure of I’ve got to go sell somebody on doing something they don’t want to do, that’s absolutely terrible. But if you go to have fun, if you go to meet people, if you go to interact, you’re going to be in a conversation with them about their spine because I typically take a SAM machine with me or some other screening device.

Then, while having fun we’re also more attractive and people will come over and talk to us because we’re joking and laughing and talking. Pretty soon, we’re in these wonderful conversations about health. We’ll have a plastic spine and we’ll be explaining chiropractic, so that instead of taking a look at our marketing as something to dread or something we have to do, it’s fun is job one when you market.

So, a great tool is a paper calendar. Get your marketing out there. See what you’ve got. See what you need.

Number two, go to have fun. You know, chiropractic is so wonderful, people love it when you share it correctly and if you go with the right attitude, you can do great marketing, you can meet people who need you, you can end up making wonderful appointments, and you can have fun.

This is Dr. Noel Lloyd for Five Star Management and I know that helps.


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