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2 Sharp Tools

2 Sharp Tools

Have you ever been at a Five Star Management live training and you saw the clinic director with his or her associates and they had such a great relationship, you could tell they were engaged and they were talking and laughing and having fun and then you talked to the clinic director and you found out that they were just killing it. I mean the associates were in bonus, the clinic director was getting help for Freedom, the extra money that they wanted, how in the world do they do that?

Well in this short video, I’ll talk about two very important components to that win-win relationship.
I have talked to so many really smart wonderful, compassionate chiropractors, great people whose first associate experiences were terrible. But what they needed to learn was a whole new paradigm, how to find the right associate and then how to launch, manage, motivate, mentor that associate. I think of that as a whole new set of dance steps.
Now, wouldn’t it be just great if the associate learned their part or their dance steps.

So what we do here at Five Star Management is we put together two different groups. We’ve got the clinic directors in what we call the CDEP, which is the Clinic Director Empowerment Project and in the CDEP we talk about all the structure for the new paradigm, all the structure on how to hire and develop the right person, all the structure on how to do the launch the mentoring, and all the clinical stuff.

Now secondly, we have the Associate Empowerment Project and the Associate Empowerment Project is my associate training program that allowed me to develop 70-plus successful associates, raise ten of those associates up to buy clinics from me and people that I’m still in good relationship with to this day. I took my program and I put it in the Associate Empowerment Project.
What I do is I take a small number of associates and teach them how to be super super successful in relationship with their clinic director, who I’m teaching how to be in a successful relationship with their associates.

It’s just a wonderful mix of two great classes and those classes start April 2nd. That’s a very very short time away.
We have a limited number of AEP, Associate Empowerment Project, that means your associate, have a limited number of slots left in that program and a limited number left in the CDEP.
I would love to have you go through this process with me. So, here’s what you’ll get with the CDEP…

I’m going to teach you how to be the owner of a very successful, multiple doctor office so that you can have great associates, get the help that you need, the freedom you’re looking for, the extra money that you would like and I’m going to teach your associate how to cooperate in that process so that they become wonderfully successful to in their side of the win-win equation.
Now, I want somebody to stop you at Five Star in the not-too-distant future and say, “Hey, I was noticing that you had a great relationship with your associates and tell me a little bit about your numbers.” And then in that conversation, they think “Gee, I wish I was like you.” So that’s why we do AEP and CDEP. Get signed up as soon as you can, we’re going to fill up.

Talk to you later. Bye. Bye

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