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FOBLO: The New Word to Motivate Action in Your Marketing

FOBLO: The New Word to Motivate Action in Your Marketing


Hey, everyone, this is Dr. George Birnbach, and I know you have heard of FOMO, the fear of missing out. But there’s a new term out there, there’s a new term that we’re learning about called FOBLO, the fear of being left out. And they’re quite a bit different.

You see, the fear of missing out creates anxiety, but the fear of being left out actually creates a higher level of distress. It hurts more when someone, especially a peer or a coworker or someone you respect, excludes you from the action as opposed to missing something voluntarily.

You see, there’s great social pressure at play. And we can make use of the subtle, often unstated or understated fear of being left out in our marketing and in our events. Think of it in this context, pretend you’re a member of a book club, and there’s a party on Friday to discuss the book and socialize, but you haven’t read it yet. Which scenario hurts more? You can’t go because you have another commitment or the leader won’t let you attend because you told them you didn’t read the book?

You see in the second scenario, you’re not missing out on a party, you’re being left out of that party. And there’s a feeling of rejection that comes with being left out. We often go to great lengths to avoid this. So now, let’s play a game. You go ahead and you tell me how can you spin this into a scenario to fill up your online virtual events or in-office patient education events? We do this with the massage consent forms at our external massage events all the time, but how can you put on a patient education event for a group of patients who have sent in referrals? How can you promote this so other patients wanna be part of it and can get those referral cards out and they don’t feel like they’re gonna be left out.

So, go ahead and brainstorm on this. Get creative with your team on this and shoot me your thoughts in the comments.

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